Specimen Requirements



Specimen Requirement

Please note this test has been replaced with the HIV Ag/Ab 4th Generation Assay. The new test code for an HIV Antibody Screen is 4GHIV. This test requires a Serum Seperator Tube (SST). If you have any questions about this change, please contact Client Services 1-800-888-8598.





Refrigerated: 7 days; Frozen: 2 weeks

Reference Range

By Report


2-3 days

Clinical Use

HIV-1 is the causative agent of AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) in humans. The HIV virus infects T-lymphocytes, resulting in immune deficiencies, manifested in such diseases as Kaposi’s sarcoma, pneumonia, and various infections. HIV-2 is a comparable T-lymphocytic retrovirus that is less virulent, but is becoming more widespread worldwide. HIV-2 is more common outside of the United States, but cases have been reported in the U.S. HIV-2 antibody crossreacts with HIV-1 antigen, requiring a specific HIV-2 western blot to confirm antibody positives. This test code provides an initial combo enzyme immunoassay screening test for HIV-1 and HIV-2, reflexing to HIV-1 and HIV-2 qualitative western blots (positive, negative, or indeterminate), without reporting which specific bands are present.

Test Code

New Test Code: 4GHIV