Specimen Requirements


Antibody Screen (Indirect COOMBS)

Specimen Requirement

1 Lavender EDTA whole blood (4 mL), must send DEDICATED sample.

Label specimen tube with patient’s first and last names and medical record number (or date of birth if medical record number is not available)

If ABO/RH is ordered with ANTIBODY SCREEN a SECOND, DEDICATED sample must be sent.


Antiglobulin test


Refrigerated: 3 days

Reference Range

By Report*


1-2 days

Clinical Use

Detect atypical IgG antibodies prior to transfusion or during pregnancy. The technique is designed specifically to detect IgG antibodies, though on occasion, some IgM antibodies may also be detected. Antibodies detected by the antibody screen will be subsequently identified, and a titer performed if the antibody identified is considered to be clinically significant during pregnancy.

Test Code