Specimen Requirements


Lipid, Fecal Quantitative (24, 48, 72 HR Collection)

Specimen Requirement

The patient should be on a diet consisting of 50-150 g of fat per day for three days prior to the study.
24/48/72-HOUR STOOL: Refer to Stool Collection Instruction with transport container for patient instructions.
Submit entire 24/48/72-hour stool collection in an IATA-approved transport container, frozen.
Do not overfill container. If collection exceeds the 500 mL (500 g), use separate containers



Reference Range


Clinical Use

Confirms the presence of steatorrhea; assist with the diagnostic study of malabsorbtion and/or maldigestion; monitor results of therapy in patients with chronic diarrhea and in patients receiving exogenous enzyme therapy.

Test Code