Specimen Requirements


Giardia Lamblia AG, Stool

Specimen Requirement

Send 2 g (thumbnail size portion of stool) or 2 mL liquid stool in a sterile container. If past 24 hours, stool must be sent in the formalin vial from an O&P transport kit.


Enzyme immunoassay (EIA)


Unpreserved/Refrigerated: 24 hours -- Preserved/Room temp or Refrigerated: 18 months

Reference Range

By report*


2-3 days

Clinical Use

Giardia Antigen testing is performed to monitor the effectiveness of therapy and to diagnose infections. The antigen test is very specific for Giardia and will not detect other parasites. A routine Ova and Parasite examination is required if other parasites are suspected. The antigen test is considered to be more sensitive for Giardia than traditional Ova and Parasite testing.

Test Code