Specimen Requirements


Magnesium, 24 Hour Urine with Creatinine

Specimen Requirement

Specimen collection:
After first morning void collect 24 hour urine with 25.0 mL 6N HCl, to maintain pH below 3. Last sample collected should be first morning void at the same time as the previous mornings first void. Mix urine well, record total volume on aliquot and requisition and send a 10.0 mL aliquot in a screw capped urine cup.

Alternate collection:
Preservative may be added within 4 hours after collection is completed instead of prior to collection.


Atomic Absorption Spectrometry


Room temp: 4 days, Refrigerated: 7 days, Frozen: 90 days

Reference Range

Reference ranges are determined by the performing laboratory and will show on the report.


4-7 days Performed Tuesday-Saturday

Clinical Use

Test Code