Specimen Requirements


Mpox (Orthropoxvirus) DNA, PCR

Specimen Requirement

Vigorously swab or brush the base of the lesion with a sterile dry polyester, rayon or Dacron swab. Place the swab into the M4 media transport tube so that the tip is in the fluid. Carefully break the swab at the scoreline and tightly close the sample.

If multiple lesions with differing appearances are present, consider submitting an additional M4 media transport tube for each lesion.


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)


Refrigerated: 7 days, Frozen: 30 days

Reference Range

By Report*


3-4 days

Clinical Use

Vesicular specimens collected from persons infected with a non-variola Orthopoxvirus (such as vaccinia, monkeypox, or cowpox) are expected to produce a positive result with this assay. Although this assay does not differentiate vaccinia or monkeypox virus from cowpox, camelpox, ectomelia or gerbilpox virus, a positive result with this assay in the United States is most likely due to monkeypox virus or vaccinia virus; however, potential exposure to other Orthopoxviruses should be considered.

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