Specimen Requirements


Ova and Parasite Examination

Specimen Requirement

Patient Preparation: Interfering substances: Bismuth, Barium (wait 7-10 days), Antimicrobial agents (wait 2 weeks), Gallbladder dye (wait 3 weeks afer procedure)
Place 10.0 g stool (5.0 g minimum) in a Total-Fix® vial within 30 minutes of collection. Send room temperature.

Stool: 10% formalin and PVA
Urines: Collect 25.0 mL in an IATA-approved sterile screw-capped plastic container without preservatives. Ship refrigerated.
Sputum: Submit 10.0 mL sputum in 10% formalin or in a sterile screw-capped plastic container.


Black Top or both the Pink and Grey top Para Pak


Stool: Room Temperature: 6 Months//Urine: 48 hours Refrigerated

Reference Range

By Report*


7-10 Days

Clinical Use

Identification of parasites in stool/urine

Test Code