Specimen Requirements


Von Willebrand Panel

Specimen Requirement

Collect 2 light blue top sodium citrate, tubes must be filled. The sample should be mixed immediately by gentle inversion at least six times to ensure adequate mixing of the anticoagulant with the blood. Centrifuge and pipette plasma into a screw top plastic vial. Centrifuge plastic vial again and pipette 3 mL plasma to a screw top plastic vial, indicate plasma from light blue on the transport tube. Ship on dry ice.


Clotting/Platelet Agglutination/Microlatex Particle-Mediated Immunoassay


Room temp: 4 hours, Refrigerated: Unacceptable, Frozen: 3 months

Reference Range

By Report*


3-5 days performed Monday-Saturday

Clinical Use

Includes: Factor VIII Antigen, Factor VIII Activity, Von Willebrand Factor Activity (Ristocetin Cofactor).

Test Code